Statement of Warranty

A Stroke of Color does hereby agree to provide duties listed in the proposal contract with the signed party(ies) and at the address listed in the contract. A Stroke of Color stands behind the work performed for a period of (60) months from the date listed on the proposal contact. "Work performed" means the craftsmanship (labor) provided by A Stroke of Color, not the products used on said job. Manufactures of the products used on said job have their own warranties. Any problems with materials used are to be handled through that particular product's manufacturer. A Stroke of Color only uses the high quality grade paint by a name brand company. Lower contractor grade paints are not used unless specified in said contract.

All listed duties are required to be performed on said job:


All surfaces - are to be cleaned from dust and lint.

Repairing of walls or trim - only if specified in said contract.

Caulking - 60 year quality grade. Stained wood (trim) is no caulked unless specified in said contract.

Spackling - All holes to make a level surface. Unless other wise requested.

Priming - Only is specified in said contract.

Painting - (2) coats of quality grade paint.

Staining - Oil based stain (1) coat. Latex is only used when specified.

Polyurethane - Oil based polyurethane (2) coats, (sanded in between coats). Latex used only when specified.

Windows - (when painted) are to be cleaned upon completion.


All exterior - is cleaned with high pressure washer and left to dry.

Repairing of wood - only if specified in said contract.

Caulking - 60 year high quality Elastomeric grade. All seams and nail holes are to be caulked.

Priming - all bare wood or areas where needed with Peelbond Primer/Sealer.

Painting - (2) coats of quality grade paint (brushed or rolled). Sprayed on paint is equivalent to (2) coats of brushed or rolled paint or 6-8 mils of paint.

Windows - (when painted) are treated with liquid mask and windexed clean.

Exceptions to Warranty of Labor: Interior and exterior paint and materials damaged by any and all weather conditions, condensation, heat, chemicals (other than in paint), wear (scratches, scrapes, or holes made after said job), fading (sun or lights), house settling problems or signs there of, and any and all conditions beyond A Stroke of Color's control.